The Different ways of Starting-up

(This article was first published by the Tico Times)

Every time a topic starts to become mainstream, it is common to encounter mixups. In Costa Rica we are in the middle of the business startup mixup and that is causing major confusion to entrepreneurs, policy makers, investors and organizations.

Entrepreneurship is hot right now. Almost 15 years ago, when I started my first small business, leaving a decently paid job to pursuit your own idea was very much frowned-upon. There were no incubators, no events glorifying innovation and we didn’t even know what seed money was. Fast forward to 2015 and the word “startup” yields you 72 articles in el Financiero, turn your TV and you can see Mark Cuban plow half a million dollars in a business after a 10 min pitch in Shark Tank, Continúa leyendo “The Different ways of Starting-up”